Absolute Surveillance

Superior Products, Superior Representation.

Absolute Surveillance is a distributor of superior technologies for law enforcement, military and commercial applications. We serve as the leading liaison between cutting-edge manufacturers and critical decision makers in commercial, local, state and federal agencies. Our mission is to provide today’s greatest force-multiplier systems to fit every critical mission for our end-user clients. We provide knowledgeable consulting and project planning to derive superior solutions for every critical application. For our clients, we serve as a bridge between project requirements and the manufacturing process, ensuring all requirements are met.

As a manufacturer’s distributor, we provide comprehensive marketing solutions to put industry-leading technologies in front of critical decision makers in commercial, local, state and federal agencies. Utilizing our sales resources, such as Absolute Surveillance’s schedule 84 GSA contract (GS-07F-156W), and our established relationships within the security industry, Absolute Surveillance is able to provide targeted exposure for specialized products serving the law enforcement and security industry. We work with today’s leading corporations including Boeing, Wanco, Arteco, Plate Scan, Moog Quickset, Squire Tech and more. Absolute Surveillance’s unique blend of highly personalized service and persistent client fulfillment make it the superior source for all critical security and infrastructure solutions.


Paul M. Walters
Chief of Police

“Thank you very much for providing the Santa Ana Police Department with the mobile surveillance system. We deployed the trailer very effectively during our city’s May 1, 2008 protests. It was initially set up in the morning across the street from the Mexican Consulate, which was the subject of a large scale protest. Your video stream was available in our Department’s Operations Center. The ability to watch the protest and to adjust our tactics was extremely helpful. Additionally, it relieved supervisors at the protest from having to constantly provide status reports.

Your trailer was then moved to 17th and Flower Street in the afternoon, which allowed us to monitor the progress of a protest march that originated in our Civic Center Plaza. This system provided real-time information and a level of intelligence due to its ability to record events that we would not have otherwise enjoy.

Although the Santa Ana Police Department cannot endorse any specific products, I can say that our Computer Services Section noted that the system was easy to transport, activate, and connect to our Operations Center. The system worked flawlessly during the time we utilized it. Once again, thank you for the use of the system. ”

Daniel J. Myers
Wanco, Sales & Marketing

"I have known Deanna and personally worked with her and her team for 3 years. She has proven she has wide industry knowledge, and always presents herself in an energetic and professional manner.

She and her team have done a great job developing numerous sales and creating a successful market in California and beyond. We consistently pass her leads for Wanco’s portable security products, and the follow up is always accomplished in a timely manner with positive outcomes. We at Wanco place complete trust in her abilities to achieve the goals we have set for her and her company and would not hesitate to recommend her and her team as a valuable asset to organizations needing her services."

Michael Sinclair, CSPM
Manager, Critical Infrastructure Protection
The Boeing Company

"You were the first dealer we formed a relationship with. Since that time we have added some very large integrators in the market. You will be proud to know that I reported to my Senior Management that our most successful dealer was Absolute Surveillance, owned and operated by Deanna Wolfe. I reported to my group that you embodied what Boeing was looking for in a dealer. You work tirelessly, deliver on your commitments and bring Boeing to the table. My group was very impressed with what you have done.

Sometimes the best gifts come in small packages. You have certainly proven that small firms should not be discounted.

I wanted to share this with you as a way of thanking you for your efforts."